Photoshop for Printmakers


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(mixed media, painters, etc.)
Class meets once a week in person for 4 weeks
Sundays, February 12 – March 5th, 10:00 – 12:00
with additional “office hours” TBD, at the convenience of attendees

This is the perfect class for people who are totally new to Photoshop. Photoshop is a rich, deep and wide program but you likely need only a core group of commands to execute what you require for your art practice. Online tutorials generally cover more material than you really need and are too fast paced for beginners. You don’t have to be very computer savvy to use Photoshop in a limited way that suits most artists’ needs. You do need to make some time for practice between classes.
This is not a class for graphic designers, web designers or photographers. However, if you want to prepare your images for collage, silkscreen, photo etching, transfers, etc. this class is a good choice. The pace will be slow, with lots of review and homework so that you can practice using your new skills. The instructor will be available for virtual “office hours” between classes for questions and problem solving.

We will cover how to:

- Scan
- Size, crop, flip, invert and rotate images
- Change images from color to black and white
- Adjust contrast
- Manage layers and “history”
- Prepare images to print
- Paste and collage images

Participants will need to download Photoshop, which is available by monthly subscription or by the year. Photoshop “Elements” is not recommended for this class. Buy online from Adobe. Please contact the instructor with questions.

About the instructor

Liz Shepherd has been teaching printmaking and Photoshop skills for the last 15 years and has learned how to simplify the content of the class so that students learn only what they really need to prepare images for printmaking and mixed media.

Liz produces small print editions as well as large-scale sculptural installations.
Recent solo shows have also been at Georgetown College, Georgetown KY, Artpace, San Antonio, Texas, the Scuola Di Graphica in Venice, Italy and at the Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts among others.
Her work is the permanent collection at Museum of Fine Arts,
Boston, Edinburgh (Scotland) College of Art, Syracuse University, Boston Children’s Hospital, Hanoi (Vietnam) Contemporary Art Center, the Boston Public Library, and numerous private collections.

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