Eco Printing Magic - Part 2: Artist Books

$170.00 - $290.00

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With Tony(a) Lemos
1 day, Saturday, June 22nd, 10 - 4
12 participants maximum
Cost: $170
Or $290 for Part 1 & 2

In this day-long workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn several Artists Books forms which best display eco prints (and other artwork). We will explore Flag books, Explosion books and the Infinity card. The magical infinity book is a clever card form that you can open indefinitely, seemingly showing new pages/designs. Explosion books are small, square books which “explode” into a series of square and triangular pages when you open them. They are also super structural and angular making them a favorite to display. Invented by Hedi Kyle a flag book is a type of sculptural artist book. It is a great form to display some of your artwork and art papers. Based on a simple accordion book structure you will learn step-by-step how to create this innovative and stunning book. It is a versatile structure that allows you to attach drawings, photographs, text, fabric, or other materials to the flags in an open creative narrative.

This workshop is intended as a part 2 to the Eco Printing Magic. Others are welcome to register as a stand alone day however it is recommended that you bring artwork which you are ready to repurpose. Gather up your paper scraps, photos, or cut up an old print to create something new.

A life long environmentalist and plant person, Tony(a) Lemos is a process based, nature inspired, conceptual artist who works at the intersection of art and herbalism. A creative entrepreneur, community Herbalist, and Artist she is inspired by all aspects of the natural world (plants, lichen, moss and fungi) and the alchemical/elemental processes at work though sometimes unseen. Her work centers around wellbeing,creativity, connection and co-existence. She believes art and creativity to be an integral part of the healing process. Presently her work includes eco-printing, photopolymer printmaking as well alternative photography methods, often combining mixed media and found objects into artist books. She likes to explore symbolism from her ancestry (Greek/Middle East) and her deep connection to her present sense of place on Pocumtuc/Nipmuc territory,Ashfield/ Conway MA. She believes there to be such healing when we connect(art+health) materials to place, and has found by using materials from a particular place to help establish a relationship with it. She currently runs Blazing Star Herbal School and teaches at conferences all over New England including The Arnold Arboretum at Harvard, the New England Botanical Gardens, The Provincetown Art Museum. This winter she curated and produced work for a successful a show at the APE Gallery in Northampton called Mind Memory and Mycelium.

Free parking is included.